02 Jun 2014 Disciplinary

On 2 June 2014, the Licensing Committee of the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) held a meeting with Mr Timothy Jarvis in respect of an application to seek reassessment against the decision of BHA dated 16 May 2014 to refuse to grant him a Trainer’s Licence.

The Committee has decided that on all the evidence now before it, that Mr Timothy Jarvis is a suitable person to hold a Trainer’s Licence. In view of that evidence it is likely that Mr Timothy Jarvis will run a training operation independently from his father, Mr Alan Jarvis. But the Committee considers it appropriate in the circumstances to impose conditions to the licence, being numbered five, as follows:

1. Mr Timothy Jarvis and APJ Horseracing Ltd (APJ) must not permit Mr Alan Jarvis to represent Mr Timothy Jarvis or APJ at the racecourse, or to act as a spokesperson for Mr Timothy Jarvis or APJ or to represent any of them to owners, the media or the wider racing industry.
2. Mr Timothy Jarvis and APJ must not give Mr Alan Jarvis a badge or pass that gives him access to the weighing room/parade ring or other areas of restricted access on a racecourse.
3. Neither Mr Timothy Jarvis or APJ shall register, or cause to be registered, an Authority to Act for Mr Alan Jarvis and shall not permit Mr Alan Jarvis to operate Mr Timothy Jarvis’ or APJ’s Racing Administration account.
4. Mr Timothy Jarvis and APJ must not act on any instruction from Mr Alan Jarvis given by current or prospective owners relevant to the training business of APJ which may prejudice the independence of the training operation run by Mr Timothy Jarvis and APJ.
5. Mr Alan Jarvis must not be granted access by Mr Timothy Jarvis or APJ to any BHA-approved yard for which Mr Timothy Jarvis holds a Licence.

The Committee also does not consider that there are any other grounds on which to refuse a Trainer’s Licence to Mr Timothy Jarvis. The Committee has therefore decided that a Combined Trainer’s Licence should be granted, subject to these conditions to Mr Timothy Jarvis as an employee of APJ Horseracing Ltd with effect from today’s date. Full reasons for the Committee’s decision will be given as soon as practicable.