20 Oct 2003 Pre-2014 Releases

Ludlow – Thursday 23rd October – Abandoned

Published: 20 October 2003


Following an on-site meeting involving Jockey Club Inspectors of Courses Richard Linley and Peter Hobbs together with representatives of the Ludlow Managing Executive, Thursday’s meeting at the course has been abandoned due to Hard patches of ground.

Watering of the track had been continuing over the weekend and BHB had put in place a contingency plan for extra hurdle races and a NHF race if the Chase course was not raceable.

However, it was agreed at this morning’s inspection that in fact the combination of strong winds, sunshine, Ludlow’s soil profile and the local weather forecast meant that despite continual watering, Hard patches would be unavoidable on both the Chase and Hurdle tracks.

20th October 2003

Notes For Editors:

1. The abandonment was effected by the Stewards of the Jockey Club under Rule 1A (iii). Racecourses cannot abandon a fixture before noon two days ahead of a meeting.

2. Jump racing cannot take place on Hard ground. Where there is hard going at any part of the course, an inspection of the course by a Jockey Club Course Inspector is necessary. He will then consider if the ground is Hard and consequently in an unfit state to race.