Minor changes to Rules of Racing | November 2022

11 Nov 2022 BHA Features Integrity

Please see below several minor changes to the Rules of Racing, which come into effect immediately or on the dates specified.

If you have any queries, please contact: [email protected]


Jump 48-hour declarations will be adopted permanently, having been in place for all Jump races since July 2020 – and prior to which applied to Sunday and selected major races, including the Cheltenham Festival.

This decision follows engagement with and feedback from participants, with the BHA Racing Group considering the relative merits of retaining 48-hour declarations.

It was acknowledged that in certain circumstances, earlier confirmation of running plans can sometimes present challenges, especially around non-runners following changes in ground conditions.

However, it was felt that 48-hour declarations have a positive impact on British racing more generally: supporting more effective forward-planning; providing additional clarity for the sport’s customer groups – including owners, bettors, racing fans and the media; and offering greater opportunities to promote and increase engagement with our horses, races, and the wider sport.

The Race Entry Code (34) will be updated accordingly.


Effective immediately, any horse arriving at the start wearing headgear or a tongue strap that has not been declared will be permitted to run as long as the equipment is removed.

A Band B fine (£140) will continue to apply for any horse arriving at the start wearing headgear or a tongue strap that has not been declared, with the horse only withdrawn if the equipment cannot be removed.

As with Red Hoods, any undeclared headgear or tongue strap can be removed by the starting team / stalls handlers (assisted where possible by the jockey), typically during girth checks, and returned to the Weighing Room after the last race of the day.

Trainers or representatives wishing to collect the equipment earlier can do so from the start at their own convenience.

The Equipment Code will be updated to reflect the change.


As communicated previously, the Appearance Money Scheme will close in 2023, with minimum prize money levels increased by £700 and paid to at least fifth place in those races where appearance money was previously available.

However, a new Sunday-only appearance money scheme will be introduced from 1 January 2023.

Every runner on a Sunday will receive £100 to assist with the additional costs of transporting and running horses, and to support the VAT registration scheme for racehorse owners.

The £100 Sunday appearance money scheme will not be paid as prize money and will instead be managed as a separate transaction with Weatherbys.


From 1 January 2023, all references to Total Race Value will be removed from the Rules and replaced with Total Prize Fund.

Total Race Value currently comprises the Total Prize Fund plus appearance money.

With appearance money not being paid as prize money from 2023 (see above), Total Prize Fund provides a more accurate description, as the entirety of the advertised value is being allocated through regular prize money distribution.