07 Oct 2013 Pre-2014 Releases

Pontefract, Ludlow and Beverley have become the latest racecourses to sign Prize Money Agreements with the Horsemen’s Group and British Horseracing Authority (BHA), increasing the total number of racecourses signing Agreements to 30.

Under the Agreements, racecourses have made a contractual commitment in relation to their own contribution to prize money for the next three years, with the amounts committed including a share of the betting-related media revenue generated by racecourses.

The terms of the contract are structured to enable all courses to sign the same Agreement, with the course in question choosing either the ‘Premier’ or ‘Standard’ Tier option. Pontefract has become the first small independent track to sign the more demanding ‘Premier’ Tier option.

Philip Freedman, Chairman of the Horsemen’s Group, said:

“By signing these Agreements, Pontefract, Ludlow and Beverley have confirmed what most horsemen already know that these are three courses that recognise the importance of a collaborative and positive relationship with those that provide the horses. It is to Pontefract’s credit that they have joined many larger courses in the Premier Tier, while Ludlow and Beverley will be making a significant increase to their contributions to prize money in 2014.”

Norman Gundill, Managing Director and Clerk of the Course at Pontefract said:

“I have always believed in cooperation between all the constituent parts of the Racing industry and am very happy we have concluded an Agreement. I have constantly worked to improve the racing programme and prize money at Pontefract and will continue to do so, and this is another significant step up. I hope it will encourage all owners and trainers to ensure that we continue to have good competitive racing.”

Bob Davies, Manager and Clerk of the Course at Ludlow said:

“We are delighted to have reached a Prize Money Agreement with the Horsemen’s Group and we hope that by a demonstrating our commitment to its members, this will encourage more horses to run at Ludlow in the coming season. We have always aimed to put as much into prize money as we can afford and, in particular, to support those at the grassroots of Jump Racing.”

Sally Iggulden, Chief Executive and Clerk of the Course at Beverley said:

“As an independent racecourse that returns all of its profit to racing, we are pleased to be working with the Horsemen’s Group for the future growth of our industry.”

The BHA has delayed the publication of the 2014 Fixture List to allow more racecourses time to sign reach Prize Money Agreements with the BHA and Horsemen’s Group. It is expected that the Fixture List will be published later this week.