03 Oct 2007 Pre-2014 Releases

The British Horseracing Authority, racing’s new unified governing and regulatory authority which came into being on 31st July, today announces a new team structure, reflecting the responsibilities of the new organisation.

The Authority also announces its first major appointment, with Dr Tim Morris named as Director of Equine Science and Welfare.

The new structure, which takes effect from 31st October, will see six executives reporting to Chief Executive Nic Coward:

Director of Communications and Promotion
This new role is currently being recruited, and will include promoting the sport, press and media relations, and public affairs. Alan Delmonte is the acting Director in the meantime.

Director of Equine Science and Welfare
Dr Tim Morris. See profile below.

Director of Finance and Corporate Services
Chris Brand will continue to be responsible for the finances of the Authority and its business operations, with additional responsibility for all cross-company support functions, including HR, Legal and Industry Recruitment & Training.

Director of Integrity Services and Licensing
Paul Scotney will lead this new department. In addition to his existing responsibilities, the team will include Licensing, reflecting the Authority’s role in setting and promoting standards for all participants, to ensure they are fit for purpose and understood, and to ensure that they are being met.

Director of Raceday Operations and Regulation
Tony Goodhew will lead a new department that combines all activities which relate to regulation and the operations on raceday, from racecourse inspectorate through to medical provision, starters, clerks of the scales and judges, as well as the disciplinary processes that follow on from raceday decisions. It will also include stewarding and the Rules of Racing.

Director of Racing
Ruth Quinn will continue to head up the Racing team, responsible for the fixture list, handicapping, race planning, the Pattern and provision for the horse population. She will have additional responsibility for Point-to-Point, Arab and Pony Racing.

Malcolm Wallace will be leaving his current full-time role as Director of Regulation by mutual agreement. Recruited by the Jockey Club in 1994 when the post was first created, he will take on a part-time role as an expert consultant, continuing to manage the stewarding system and have input into raceday rules and their international harmonisation.

He commented: “The timing of these changes couldn’t be better for me personally. For 13 years I have been getting up at or around five o’clock and setting off on a four-hour round trip commute in and out of London and I am ready for a change. Since 1994, we have been evolving the stewarding system on the racecourse and our procedures in London. As a consequence, I believe that the whole regulatory function is in good shape and is managed by a very professional team. However, there is plenty more to be done and I look forward to continuing the work with Tony. We have been good friends for many years and neither of us have any doubt that this new arrangement will work well.”

Tim Morris is a visiting professor at the University of Nottingham School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, and comes to the Authority from GlaxoSmithKline. He has held a range of roles at GSK in research, clinical veterinary medicine, and in public affairs. After qualification from the Royal Veterinary College he spent some time in thoroughbred stud and mixed veterinary practice before returning to the College to complete a PhD. In addition he has held a large number of leadership roles in veterinary professional organisations, industry bodies, animal science and welfare charities, worked with animal welfare groups, and advised a number of Government departments and agencies.

He said: “The British Horseracing Authority has clearly made a great start in supporting British horseracing and addressing the challenges it faces. I’m delighted to be joining at this time to help ensure that we give the care and welfare of horses the highest possible profile and that its decisions are underpinned by the best current science.”

Commenting on the structural changes, Nic Coward said: “It has been a key early task to identify the right structure for the organisation to deal with the Authority’s roles. This is a time for change, building on the legacy of the BHB and HRA, and we will now have an effective and coherent structure that will be responsive to the sport’s demands. Our role is to:

• provide the most compelling and attractive racing in the world
• be seen as the world leader in raceday regulation
• ensure the highest standards for the sport and participants, on and away from the racecourse
• promote the best for the racehorse
• represent and promote the sport and the industry.

“We have a big job to do for Racing, always with the simple test of doing what is best for the future of the whole of the sport.

“I am delighted to welcome Tim Morris to the team. He has an outstanding reputation and will make a substantial contribution as a member of the new look senior team. As we have said before, the welfare of the horse must be a top priority.

“I am also very pleased that we will continue to call on the services of Malcolm Wallace. His expertise and commitment have served racing very well for over a decade and part of the reason for British racing’s world-class reputation is Malcolm’s own contribution to developing and improving our regulatory service and the stewarding system in particular.”