21 Feb 2003 Pre-2014 Releases

Commenting on toda?_x0019_s Racing Post report on BHB Racing Review Committee proposals, BHB Chief Executive Greg Nichols, a member of the Committee, said today:

“The Racing Review Committee was empowered by the BHB Board to examine British Racing’s structure, content and product and to develop new concepts for consideration. That is exactly what it is in the middle of doing. What has been leaked are outline proposals.

“I object to the Racing Post’s inaccurate assertions that the proposals are “secret” and being “withheld from the general public, and even most industry professionals”, as though it was planned to spring major change on racing without consultation.

“It was explicitly promised when the review was launched last year that the process would be thoroughly consultative. There has already been extensive consultation across the industry and with Racing’s customers. We have canvassed the opinions of thousands of people who are not involved in racing and we are now testing hypotheses with a large sample of demographic groups.

“In the coming weeks and months we already have planned further rounds of consultation with people within and outside the industry on precisely the sort of areas included in today’s article. The ongoing discussion is vital and will continue.

“It is also wrong for the Racing Post to talk of vehement opposition to introducing proposals for next year. We are in regular contact with the RCA, ROA, Levy Board and individual racecourses and owners, plus many other parties.

“The structure and organisation of racing is obviously fundamental to everyone who works in and follows the sport. Proposals and plans should be considered in detail at the right time and not be presented in a way which can only lead to misapprehensions and a partial understanding.”