Notice for trainers: updated stable staff declaration process

17 Sep 2020 BHA Features

From Friday 18 Septemberseveral changes will be made to how trainers declare staff to attend the racecourse using Racing Admin. 

These changes aim to improve and simplify the process for trainers by establishing Declare Staff area on Racing Admin, where trainers will be able to see the members of staff declared for each fixture, together with their:  

  • Health status (green / amber / red) 
  • Online health screening questionnaire status for that fixture (sent / completed / not sent) 
  • Online health screening questionnaire last completed date (to help calculate a 7-day validity) 

From Friday 18 Septemberstable staff must be declared using the Declare Staff section on Racing Admin. To do this 

  • Go to Racing Admin ( 
  • Select ‘Trainer’ from the menu bar 
  • Select ‘Declare Staff’ 

Your runners will be listed. 

  • Click the large DECLARE STAFF button next to the fixture you are declaring staff for 
  • Enter the estimated arrival time at the fixture 
  • Select the staff members you wish to attend that fixture by ticking the box next to their name 
  • Repeat for each fixture you have runners at.  

To assist trainers and your teams with the new system, we have developed the following instructional guides, which explain what you need to do to declare staff for a fixture:  

In addition, please note that from Friday 18 September: 

  • Staff can be declared as soon as you have made your declaration to run, up until 1pm on the day of declaration.  
  • Health screening questionnaires will be emailed directly to the member of staff declared to attend the fixture within 30 minutes of staff declarations (if less than 48 hours before the fixture). As ever, the questionnaire will be sent to the email address that appears for the member of staff on the Stable Employee Register. 

You will continue to receive a communication once runners are published, advising you of the requirement to declare staff, and a follow-up email after the 1pm declaration deadline confirming the staff you have selected to attend the fixture.  

Please ensure that every individual attendee has a valid email address that is checked regularly and is up to date on the Stable Employee RegisterIf the email address for a staff member selected is already in use for another person, they will not appear on the Declare Staff area and a health questionnaire will not be sent. The COVID Helpdesk will contact you to obtain a unique email address for the staff member, they will then be added to the fixture and a health questionnaire sent.  

If you require additional personnel (such as horse transporters, specialist stalls handlers) to be on course that are not listed on your Stable Employee Register, please email the Helpdesk with their name, individual email address and role at the fixture.  These attendees will not appear on your Declare Staff area. 

If you make your staff declarations prior to runners being published and are subsequently eliminated, balloted out, or become a non-runner, please note it is your responsibility to make any adjustments to staff declarations as necessary by the 1pm deadline. 

 Please note that changes to staff after the 1pm deadline will only be processed by the COVID Helpdesk in emergency situations. 

Raceday protocol reminders 

The details above apply specifically to the staff declaration process. This forms part of the wider process for declaring horses to run and completing the necessary advance preparation prior to raceday, which is summarised in this short guide 

Everyone attending a raceday in Great Britain should also ensure they have read and understood the full guidelines and operating procedures for behind closed doors racing, and follow the three key raceday requirements set out by the BHA Chief Medical Adviser, Dr Jerry Hill:  

  1. Follow all the social distancing requirements, whether in the ‘green zone’ for participants or the owners’ area 
  1. Do not cross from one zone to another – this could lead to more people, including participants, being quarantined if there is a positive COVID-19 case 
  1. Inform the BHA’s Medical Department if you test positive for COVID-19. The team can offer advice for employers and liaise more effectively with public health authorities. 

Help and support 

If you have questions or encounter any difficulties with the Racing Admin system or the accompanying user guides, please contact the BHA COVID Helpdesk: 

  • Email: [email protected]  
  • Phone: 0207 152 0110 (Calls to this number may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes