25 Feb 2013 Pre-2014 Releases

Licensed trainer Peter Chapple-Hyam has been informed he will be required to attend a Disciplinary Panel hearing to consider possible breaches of the Rules of Racing as follows:

1. Did Mr Chapple-Hyam act in breach of Rule (A)31.2 by deliberately misleading, or by an overt act endeavour to mislead, an investigating officer of the BHA in connection with the administration or control of racing when:

a. falsifying his telephone records in responding to a Telephone Production Order issued to him on 26th September 2012; and

b. stating, in a letter of 22nd October to the BHA, that he was unable to text whilst in France on 12th July 2012 with a runner when, in fact, he was not in France and/or was able to text during that period?


2. Did Mr Chapple-Hyam, through the submission of incomplete and falsified records, refuse to supply his full and true telephone billings upon authorised request within a reasonable time of the request being made, in breach of Rule (A)50.2 of the Rules of Racing?