03 Mar 2005 Pre-2014 Releases

Point to Pointing Prepares For 2006 Season

Published: 3 March 2005

The Point to Point Board (PTPB) can today announce that preparations for Point to Pointing in 2006 begin as early as this week with all meeting organisers being invited to submit fixture applications for next season.

• Independent Chairman of PTPB, Robert Waley-Cohen, stated:

“The ban on hunting with hounds has understandably created a degree of uncertainty for the future of our sport, but we want to dispel emphatically that uncertainty.”

“To that end we’re planning to have a provisional 2006 fixture list in place within the next few months so that everyone in the sport can plan ahead with confidence.”

• Masters of Foxhounds PTPB representative, Mike Felton, commented:

“The vast majority of Hunts are determined to carry on hunting – within the law – next year. Their annual Point to Point will remain a key social event and fundraiser.”

• Point to Point Secretaries Association Chairman, John Wilson, added:

“The feedback from the fourteen Point to Point areas across England, Scotland and Wales has been positive. With the MFHA telling us that Hunts are keen to continue, our fixture committees are very happy to be sticking to the tried and tested organisational set up.”

• Simon Claisse, Chairman of the Point to Point Owners and Riders Association, stated:

“It is encouraging to all participants to hear that the established infrastructure is going to be preserved through the continuation of the existing organisations with their years of experience and knowledge together with the financial underpinning that comes with the Hunt based heart of our sport.”

• Fraser Garrity, the Jockey Club’s Racecourse and Point to Point Department Manager, concluded:

“We want to do whatever we can to ensure Point to Pointing remains in rude health for a very long time to come. To hear that there is such a will to continue from organisers and participants alike is excellent news.”

Notes for Editors:

• The Jockey Club Point to Point Board (PTPB) replaced the Point to Point Liaison Committee at the end of 2004. It includes a nominated representative from all the main “stakeholders” in Point to Pointing: Masters of Foxhounds Associations (MFHA), Point to Point Owners and Riders Association (PPORA), Point to Point Secretaries Association (PPSA) and Jockey Club. There are also three independent appointees;

• PTPB recommends Point to Point policy and Rules/Regulations issues to the Stewards of the Jockey Club. The fixture list is authorised by the British Horseracing Board;

• Of the 209 fixtures scheduled for 2005, around 90% are run by Hunts. Each Hunt appoints a Point to Point organising committee, which is affiliated to PPSA;

• Around 3500 horses are registered to go Point to Pointing each year once they have obtained their Hunter Certificate from a Hunt. An average of 950 amateur riders take part annually, 150 of which are new to the sport.