03 Apr 2000 Pre-2014 Releases

The first new British racecourses since 1927 are now a possibility following BH?_x0019_s decision in principle to grant fixtures to both London City Racecourse and Pembrey Racecourse for 2002 and beyond.

At its meeting on 27th March, BHB considered the four remaining applications from the original list of eight for new fixtures for new racecourses in 2001/2002, measuring each of them against BHB’s published guidelines. The Directors envisaged advantages to Racing as a whole accruing from the two approved proposals.

London City Racecourse offered the highest investment and prize money input of all the applications. AWT floodlit evening meetings will be the basis of an appropriate number of fixtures that BHB will grant to London City Racecourse, looking to a significant development of the racing product to provide evening racing outside the current period (late April to late August), with the potential to attract significant crowds and to add exciting new betting opportunities. This marks a new stage in the development of AWT Racing, with sufficient outside investment to provide both races of higher quality and the new opportunities which can help meet the challenge of the new AWT programmes emerging in Europe and in Dubai.
Pembrey Racecourse will provide a new audience for Racing, situated in an area of South Wales with significant plans for economic regeneration. BHB hopes to be able to fund 10 fixtures on turf to grant to Pembrey Racecourse which can meet the needs of the promoters and complement the existing Fixture List in meeting the needs of racegoers, the betting industry and horses and their connections.

BHB recognises that the decision in principle to grant fixtures is only the beginning of a period of detailed development of the proposals, which must include finding and placing suitable fixtures, approval from the appropriate Planning Authorities, licensing of the racecourses by the Jockey Club and securing funding support from the Levy Board.

For more information please contact:
Paul Greeves – Racing Director
Telephone: 0171 343-3306