11 Apr 2000 Pre-2014 Releases

Brigadier Andrew Parker Bowles today launched Racin?_x0019_s new initiative to provide financial help to support the re-schooling and re-homing of former racehorses in need.

Brigadier Parker Bowles said:

“Around 4,000 horses leave Racing each year. In the vast majority of cases, owners, breeders and trainers take a great deal of care in finding suitable new homes for their horses. This is right and proper, but, unfortunately, even the best-laid plans sometimes go wrong. The number of sound horses seeking refuge at one or other of the racehorse rehabilitation centres is proof of that.

“Racing has come together to contribute towards a central fund which will be used to support approved charitable establishments in their work re-schooling and re-homing former racehorses. Racing has accepted that we owe a collective debt of honour to all the horses that have provided so many of us with our livelihoods, given so much pleasure and, on occasion, rewarded us with profit.

“ The new organisation, Rehabilitation of Racehorses, is in the process of being set up and we hope to start distributing funds in the Autumn.

“This is an important initiative for Racing. I want to thank everyone who has helped with the development and everyone who will be contributing.”

An outline of the Plan is attached.

For further information, contact Annie Dodd on 0171 343 3309. or
[email protected].