Redcar, 11 April: Waterlogged Ground Around Ten Furlong Start

01 Apr 2016

  • Waterlogged area has created false ground
  • Ten furlong races cancelled
  • Two nine furlong races added


An area of waterlogging in the back straight at Redcar has resulted in false ground about fifty yards beyond the ten furlong start.  Therefore, the Redcar Racecourse Executive, in conjunction with the BHA’s Racecourse Inspectorate, has decided to cancel the two ten furlong races scheduled for 11 April.  In response, the BHA has programmed two new races over nine furlongs.

Entries and declarations for the two new races will close according to the normal schedule and full race conditions are available on the BHA’s Racing Administration website under Fixtures and Races.

For further information please contact the BHA Racing Department on

0207 152 0050 or [email protected] or

Jonjo Sanderson, Clerk of the Course at Redcar on (07766) 022893.