Result of 6.55pm at Chester on Friday 12 July amended

15 Jul 2019 BHA Features Racing/Fixtures

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has today confirmed that it has amended the result of the 6.55pm at Chester (The Together Commercial Finance Handicap) on Friday 12 July.

The horses finished in the following order:

1st Infrastructure
2nd Dark Red
3rd DH Lunar Jet/Vivid Diamond

The Stewards then held an inquiry to consider possible interference involving Dark Red and Lunar Jet in the closing stages of the race.

The result of the Stewards’ inquiry was that Dark Red had improved its position as a result of the interference and as a consequence had to be placed behind Lunar Jet. The Stewards amended the placings as follows:

1st Infrastructure
2nd Lunar Jet
3rd Dark Red
4th Vivid Diamond

When reversing the placings following interference, the Rules require the interferer to be placed behind the horse it has interfered with but do not permit for horses who have dead heated to be split, unless there has been interference between them.

As long as no interference has occurred between the horses who have dead heated, they should be treated as a single entity rather than splitting out their finishing positions as occurred on Friday. As such, Dark Red should have been demoted to fourth place behind Lunar Jet and Vivid Diamond, with the result that they move to a dead heat for second place.

Having requested a report over the weekend and subsequently investigated the matter, the BHA has therefore corrected the result as follows:

1st Infrastructure
2nd DH Lunar Jet/Vivid Diamond
4th Dark Red

The BHA understands the impact this will have had on a limited number of bets and that some disruption may have been caused to both off and on course operators and their customers, and apologises for this.

It will now consider what steps to take in the future to minimize the risk of such an incident re-occurring, which may include publishing specific guidance relating to interference involving horses who have dead heated.