15 Mar 1999 Pre-2014 Releases

Result of Enquiry Held On Monday 15th March 1999

Published: 15 March 1999

The Stewards of the Jockey Club held an enquiry on Monday 15th March 1999 to consider whether or not, in the light of the charges of conspiracy to defraud in connection with horse racing brought by the Metropolitan Police against Mr John Matthews, Mr Glen Gill, Mr Jason Moore, Mr Adam Hodgson and Mr Ray Butler, they should exercise their powers under Rule 2(v) of the Rules of Racing and exclude them from all premises owned, licensed or controlled by the Jockey Club.

Having considered the charges, and written representations on behalf of Messrs Gill and Moore, the Stewards ordered all five men to be excluded from all premises owned, licensed or controlled by the Jockey Club with immediate effect for an indefinite period.

Notes for Editors:

1. Rule 2 (v) of the Rules of Racing states:
The Stewards of the Jockey Club shall have power to exclude or cause or order to be excluded for any period or for an indefinite period from any premises owned, licensed or controlled by them any person whether or not subject to the Rules of Racing where, in their absolute discretion, they consider the presence of such person on such premises undesirable in the interest of racing even though such person is not and has not been declared, a disqualified person.

2. On Wednesday 10th March 1999, the Metropolitan Police charged five people in connection with the investigation into irregularities surrounding the horse racing industry. All five men were charged with Conspiracy to Defraud, Contrary to Common Law. They were charged that between 1st March 1997 and 1st April 1997 they conspired together and with others to defraud such bookmakers and persons as might be caused loss by the interference with the fair running of horses in horse races by the administration of a performance inhibiting drug.