Salisbury, 4 October: Potential Division Of Races To Maintain 6 race Card

29 Sep 2017 BHA Features Racecourse Racing/Fixtures

•    7f and 8f starts vulnerable
•    Uncertainty surrounding forecast but further rain possible
•    6f and 1m 6f Handicaps to divide if 7f and 8f races abandoned 

Recent wet weather, with further rain possible, has left the 7f and 8f starts at Salisbury vulnerable.  The next meeting at Salisbury, on 4 October, currently contains two races that would be lost if the 7f and 8f starts are not useable.

Executive Director and Clerk Of The Course Jeremy Martin, in conjunction with the BHA Inspectorate, will inspect the course and make a final decision regarding the 7f and 8f starts on Sunday afternoon, (1 October).  Should they deem these starts to be unraceable, Race 17644 (2:00) and Race 17645 (2:30) will both be abandoned and the BHA will allow the following races to divide without a minimum requirement of declarations:

17643 3:35 The Corintech Ruby Anniversary Handicap Stakes (71-85) 6f
17646 4:40 The Bathwick Tyres Handicap Stakes (56-75) 1m 6f 44y

The deadline for declaration remains the same ie, 10am on Monday 2 October.

Full race details and conditions can be found on the BHA Racing admin site:

For further information please contact Jeremy Martin, Clerk of the Course at Salisbury, on 07880 744999 or the BHA Racing Department on 0207 152 0050 or [email protected]