18 Dec 2012 Pre-2014 Releases

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has today opened a second round of applications for approximately £300,000 of available funding from the 2012-13 British Horseracing Grant Scheme.

The Scheme, funded from British Horseracing’s share of the net proceeds from the sale of the Tote and launched alongside the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) in August 2012, supports worthwhile projects involved in, and associated with, the British thoroughbred Racing and Breeding industries by distributing grants in accordance with European Union State Aid regulations.

£1 million was allocated to the Scheme for the 2012-13 Financial Year.

The first cycle of applications to the Scheme concluded on 29th October, and all successful applicants are in the process of being contacted by the BHA. Successful grants from the first round of applications will be published once all necessary terms and conditions have been agreed and signed.

However, not all of the available £1 million was allocated to successful projects during the first meeting of the British Horseracing Grant Scheme Awards Committee and therefore a second application process has been initiated today for approximately £300,000 of the remaining funding available for the 2012-13 Financial Year.

Interested applicants can now apply through the online application portal on the British Horseracing Grant Scheme webpage – – which also contains comprehensive guidance on the application process.

The application process shall close on Tuesday 15th January 2013.

The Awards Committee encourages applicants to, as far as possible, outline in their proposals specific objectives of their project, and criteria by which the applicant’s success in achieving these can be measured. They also encourage cross-industry applications which initiate new projects that will have considerable benefits for all of the sport, and outline that applications from charitable organisations will be considered on their merits and against the same criteria as those from non-charitable organisations.