18 Jun 2001 Pre-2014 Releases

At its meeting on Sunday 17th June 2001, the BHB Board rejected what was represented as the final revised terms for the granting of a BHB data licence, put forward by Go Racing the previous day.

Although these terms represented movement in some areas, there were also some new conditions; having heard a detailed legal and commercial assessment of the revised offer, the Board felt unable to go forward on this basis.

The Board informed Go Racing of its decision, but also indicated its willingness to pursue discussions further to see if a mutually acceptable agreement could be reached.

Go Racing immediately attended a meeting at Portman Square, which lasted until 6.00am on Monday (18th June). Although agreement was reached on licences for existing platforms, it was not possible to reach agreement on the terms for new and future technology, which included a request for a 10 year exclusive licence for visual data.

BHB’s offer for the use of its data, on Go Racing’s existing platforms, remains available. BHB is deeply disappointed that a successful conclusion was not reached last night.

BHB now urges all sections of the industry to come together to develop a strategy for the exploitation of its extremely valuable rights.

For further information please contact:
Teresa Cash on 020 7343 3310 or Alan Delmonte on 020 7343 3318 or 07931 701536