18 Mar 2001 Pre-2014 Releases

Tristram Ricketts, Secretary-General of the British Horseracing Board, said today:

“Last week, Her Majesty the Queen expressed her concern that racing should consider its response to the Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak very carefully, but has not asked for horseracing to stop.

“In view of the Queen’s personal involvement in racing, BHB has kept Her Majesty fully informed of racing’s response to the FMD outbreak and explained the reasons why BHB is, with Government support, maintaining a controlled racing programme within MAFF-endorsed guidelines.

“Racing always takes place in a strongly regulated environment, which lends itself to the introduction of enforceable precautionary measures.

“BHB and the Jockey Club have worked closely with Government officials to draw up instructions for the staging of racing to ensure the risk of spreading FMD remains negligible. Government and racing’s scientific and veterinary advice remains that racing can go ahead with these strict precautions in place. If that advice were to change, naturally BHB would review the situation immediately

“BHB has a responsibility to all those individuals and businesses who are dependent on the racing industry, which would be very seriously damaged if all racing were to be suspended”.

For further information, contact:

Alan Delmonte, Communications Manager, BHB 020 7343 3318 or 07931 701536
John Maxse, Public Relations Manager, The Jockey Club 07785 243232