05 Dec 2001 Pre-2014 Releases

The Jockey Club Appoints Two New Directors

Published: 5 December 2001

The Jockey Club are pleased to announce that Dr. Peter Webbon, currently the Jockey Club’s Chief Veterinary Adviser, has been appointed Veterinary Director and that John Maxse, the Public Relations Manager, is to become Public Relations Director. The appointments will take effect from 1st January 2002.

The creation of a ‘Director of Veterinary Science and Welfare’ reflects the increasing emphasis the Jockey Club places on promoting and maintaining racehorse welfare and safety standards. The appointment also recognises the expansion and diversification of the role of the Veterinary Department since Peter Webbon became Chief Veterinary Adviser in 1996.

The role of Veterinary Director will embrace horse welfare and safety, anti-doping policy, veterinary research projects and routine raceday veterinary procedures. An important part of the job is the provision of reassurance to the industry and public about the well being of racehorses, on the course, in training and in retirement.

John Maxse has been working in the Jockey Club’s Public Relations Department since 1993, taking on the position of Public Relations Officer, and subsequently Manager, following the departure of David Pipe in 1997. As Public Relations Director he will be responsible for advising on all aspects of the presentation of the Jockey Club to the public and the media, continuing, where necessary, to promote and to explain the work of the Jockey Club.

December 5th 2001

Notes for Editors:

1. The existing Jockey Club Directors are Christopher Foster (Executive Director), Tony Goodhew (Director of Racecourse Services) and Malcolm Wallace (Director of Regulation).

2. At the recent Animal Health Trust Awards, Dr Peter Webbon’s work during the Foot and Mouth crisis was acknowledged when he received the Racing Award for his contribution to the sport in the past year.