21 Feb 2006 Pre-2014 Releases

Newcomer Category
(For employees who have worked in racing for less than two years)

Morgan Ely – £2,500 and £1,000 to her colleagues
Trainee Groom with Seamus Mullins
Morgan previously worked at a horse behaviourist’s yard and spent 10 weeks at the British Racing School where she received a glowing report. Always asking questions and wanting to learn, owners have commented on her good manners, general deportment, riding ability and skills. The area which interests Morgan most is equine physiotherapy with horses in training. Mullins says “she is a shining beacon of what the younger generation of stable employees can achieve”.

John Taylor – £1,000
Stable Lad with Henry Daly
John has been with Henry Daly for a year. He attended the Northern Racing College, having already achieved a National Diploma in Horse Care, and has the advanced role of riding the lead horse in schooling sessions for younger horses.

Natalie Manning – £1,000
Head Person with Nathan Rossiter
Natalie has made great strides and developed in confidence and self-esteem since joining the Rossiter yard, and is now Head Person, dealing with owners and other visitors to the yard.

Stud Staff
(For those working specifically in the breeding industry)

Stephen Wright – £2,500 and £1,000 to his colleagues
Stud Groom with Conduit Farm Stud
Stephen has been in the industry for 31 years and is responsible for stallion welfare, including all teasing and covering, but his special attribute is foaling. Having foaled over 1300 mares during his time at the stud, Stephen has a stockman’s eye, spotting sick animals at the onset of any problems and his experience and nursing of sick foals is exceptional, as is his fostering of foals.

Michael Keegan – £1,000
Stallion Foreman with Whitsbury Farm & Stud
Michael has been in the industry for 40 years and has been in his position of Stallion Foreman for 25 years. During this time he has started many successful stallions’ careers, including Ballymoss and Young Generation.

John Gilbert – £1,000
Stallion Man with Juddmonte Farms
John’s 35 years in the industry have seen him responsible for Persian Heights, Ile de Chypre, Warning, Zafonic, Rainbow Quest and Dansili. John has a special bond with Rainbow Quest, and the stallion is known to pine when he is away.

(For general staff, yard men and work riders)

Liz Welsh – £2,500 and £1,000 to her colleagues
Rider/Groom with Philip Hobbs
Having been with Philip Hobbs for 15 years, Liz has added to her skills by completing a massage course with Mary Bromiley and is qualified to work on the horses in the yard, a great asset as some require constant treatment to keep them in training. Liz says she was especially proud of her care for Gunther McBride, bringing him back to be able to run and enjoy his racing.

Steven Simpson – £1,000
2nd Head Lad with Henry Candy
Steven’s calm handling of difficult horses is his particular strength, and his work with Airwave helped her overcome her fear of humans and starting stalls. Steven says that breaking yearlings is one of the most rewarding elements of his job.

Gary Smith – £1,000
Rider/Groom with Luca Cumani
Gary is solely responsible for the starting stall training and schooling of all the yard’s horses. As both groom and rider of Starcraft his contribution at home, at the races (including many trips to courses just to lead him and relax) contributed significantly to the success of the horse.

Senior Staff
(For senior yard and travelling staff, and office administrators such as yard secretaries)

Iain Williams – £2,500 and £1,000 to his colleagues
Travelling Head Lad with Mark Tompkins
Iain has travelled horses around the UK and extensively overseas. At the Melbourne Cup 2005 his professionalism was recognised by Cup officials. He arranges his life to suit the yard for which he is a superb ambassador and the care he lavishes on his horses is beyond the call of duty. He is a mentor to the younger members of staff who learn that behind his quiet exterior manner lies a wealth of experience.

Martin Berry – £1,000
Head Lad with Clive Cox
An excellent work rider, Martin spearheads Clive’s top class team which has been rewarded with the Stable’s most successful year to date. He has recently been breaking 17 yearlings which he very much enjoys.

Maria Leader – £1,000
Head Lass with William Muir
Having come up through the ranks Maria has the wisdom to encourage staff but at the same time leads them, believing ‘happy staff make happier horses’. She loves following the progression of the yearlings after they arrive and every day she seems to learn something new.

Special Merit/Hero
(For those who have shown bravery, courage or outstanding achievement in the course of their work)

Stephen Knight – £2,500 and £1,000 to his colleagues
Overall Head Lad with Richard Hannon
As a jockey Stephen won the Grand National in 1987 on Maori Venture. He worked for Richard on leaving school in 1969 and returned to him as overall Head Lad in January 1989. He is exceptionally good with owners and represents Richard at meetings at home and abroad, and has been an important part of the yard which sent out an impressive 145 winners last season. Career highlights also include riding work on all three of the yard’s 2000 Guineas Winners, Mon Fils, Don’t Forget Me and Tirol.

Ernie Peterson – £1,000
Stable Lad with Micky Hammond
Aged 75 Ernie has been in racing for 61 years, the last 15 with Micky Hammond who says that what Ernie doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. He has also been closely connected to northern Stable Lads Boxing, helping with their training and attending matches.

David Tyers – £1,000
Feedman with George Margason
‘Ginger’ has worked in racing for 44 years, the last 4 with Margarson who says he is a first-class feedman and very good with fussy eaters. He has tutored many lads in horse management, being especially proud of Kevin Murrell who is now Geoff Wragg’s Head Lad.

Stable Employee of the Year 2005

Liz Welsh – £10,000 plus £10,000 to be shared amongst her stable colleagues