07 May 2009 Pre-2014 Releases

TurfTV Mares Novices Hurdle at Huntingdon on 19th February 2009

The Horseracing Forensic Laboratory (HFL) has reported that the analysis of the urine taken from MOONLIT PATH, trained by Nicky Henderson, after finishing unplaced at Huntingdon on 19th February 2009, has revealed the presence of tranexamic acid, which is a prohibited substance. This finding has been confirmed by Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques (LCH France), who performed the counter analysis.

Nicky Henderson has been charged with a breach of Rule 53 and Rule 200, in that he allowed or caused to be administered, or connived at the administration of, tranexamic acid, under the brand name Cyklokapron, to the mare either with the intention of affecting her racing performance or in the knowledge that her racing performance could be affected by such.

The Disciplinary Panel will also consider whether Nicky Henderson is in breach of Rule 221B(i) in that he allowed the substance to be given to the mare by injection on the morning of racing, without seeking and obtaining dispensation from a Veterinary Officer as set out in Instruction C9 and that he failed to keep a record of ‘a treatment’ as required by Instruction C8.

An enquiry is due to be held in June, on a date to be confirmed.


Guide to Penalties
The current guideline penalties are as follows:

Rule 53 – A positive sample by error/source not established/on veterinary advice
Entry Point – £1000
Range – £750 to £2500

Rule 200 – Administers or attempts to administer a prohibited substance
Entry Point – £2500 or 1 year disqualification
Range – £1000 to £12,000 or 1 month to 5 years disqualification

Rule 221B(i) – Substance given on day of race and before horse runs
Entry Point – £1,000, suspend horse from running for 20 days
Range – £750 to £2,000

Rule 221B(i) – Inadequate medication records
Entry Point – £300
Range – £250 to £750