26 Feb 2009 Pre-2014 Releases

The Macmillan Cancer Care Juvenile Novices’ Hurdle Race, Fakenham, 20 November 2007

The Horseracing Forensic Laboratory (HFL) has reported that the analysis of the blood taken from KASSUTA, trained by Matt Gingell, prior to racing at Fakenham on 20 November 2007, has confirmed that the concentration of available carbon dioxide exceeded the threshold of 36 millimoles per litre in plasma, which is a prohibited substance. This finding has been confirmed by HFL, who performed the counter analysis.

Matt Gingell has been charged with a breach of Rule 53 and Rule 200, in that it is alleged that he administered, or allowed or caused to be administered, sodium bicarbonate, with the intention to affect the racing performance of Kassuta or in the knowledge that the racing performance of Kassuta would be affected. The Disciplinary Panel will also decide whether or not to take action under Rule 180(ii) in respect of the disqualification of Kassuta, who finished third in the race.

An enquiry was due to be held in November 2008, but the British Horseracing Authority agreed to a request from the trainer to defer the enquiry on compassionate grounds.

An enquiry is due to be held in April.


Guide to Penalties
The current guideline penalties are as follows:

Rule 53 – A positive sample by error/source not established/on veterinary advice
Entry Point – £1000
Range – £750 to £1500

Rule 53 – A positive sample following the deliberate administration of a prohibited substance with the intention of affecting the racing performance
Entry Point – £5000 or 2 years disqualification/licence withdrawal
Range – £2,500 to £12,000 or 1 to 5 years disqualification/licence withdrawal

Rule 200 – Administers or attempts to administer a prohibited substance
Entry Point – £2000 or 6 months disqualification
Range – £1000 to £5000 or 1 month to 3 years disqualification