Update on resumption of racing planning

28 May 2020 BHA Features Racing/Fixtures

Race programme and fixture list

Scottish racing plans for 22 June resumption

Scottish Racing has today confirmed that it is making plans for resumption of racing behind closed doors on Monday 22 June, in accordance with the Scottish Government’s route map for exiting lockdown.

Discussions are taking place between Scottish Racing and the Scottish Government to support these provisional fixtures, during Phase 2 of public health restrictions.

This is a provisional schedule to assist with your planning, which remains subject to the public health situation in Scotland and the ongoing discussions with the Scottish Government.

The June race programme and the provisional fixture list for July and August will be updated accordingly in the coming days to include the Scottish fixtures for this period.

In the meantime, the full list of Scottish fixtures is as follows:

22/06/2020  Ayr (Flat)
24/06/2020  Hamilton Park (Flat)
28/06/2020  Hamilton Park (Flat)
30/06/2020  Musselburgh (Flat)
01/07/2020  Musselburgh (Flat)
03/07/2020  Hamilton Park (Flat)
06/07/2020  Ayr (Flat)
10/07/2020  Musselburgh (Flat)
12/07/2020  Hamilton Park (Flat)
14/07/2020  Ayr (Flat)
16/07/2020  Hamilton Park (Flat)
20/07/2020  Ayr (Flat)
21/07/2020  Perth (Jump)
28/07/2020  Ayr (Flat)
30/07/2020  Musselburgh (Flat)
01/08/2020  Hamilton Park (Flat)
05/08/2020  Ayr (Flat)
07/08/2020  Hamilton Park (Flat)
11/08/2020  Perth (Jump)
13/08/2020  Hamilton Park (Flat)
24/08/2020  Ayr (Flat)
26/08/2020  Musselburgh (Flat)
28/08/2020  Hamilton Park (Flat)
30/08/2020  Perth (Jump)

Fixtures in Wales, which are still denoted by TBC in the race programme and fixture list, will only be confirmed following further consultation with the Welsh Government, with whom the BHA is in regular communication.

Race programme – accompanying information

In addition to the updated June race programme, we have published the following accompanying details to help with your planning:

The full race conditions for the second week of June will published on Racing Admin site on Friday, with the remainder of the month added to NRAS early next week.

The programme for July and August is expected to be published during the second week of June.


Resumption planning

Last week we published the BHA’s COVID-19 guidelines and operating procedures, which apply to everyone attending race meetings from 1 June and until further notice.

This document details the new and revised processes for raceday, together with preparatory work and actions that need to be completed by attendees prior to arriving at the racecourse.

Anyone likely to attend a raceday in Great Britain should ensure they have read and / or understood the guidance. 

In addition, all attendees must comply with the BHA’s COVID-19 requirements.


Advance preparation for raceday

All attendees must complete a number of actions prior to raceday, including a three-stage screening process (outlined on pages 9 and 10 of the guidelines and operating procedures).

To complete these steps, every attendee needs to have an email address that is checked regularly.

  • Step 1 – Online education module – COVID-19 information for participants of the racing industry. To be completed on the Racing2Learn website.
  • Step 2 – Online health questionnaire – to be completed within the 7 days prior to any planned racecourse attendance on a rolling basis. This process will be administered by the BHA, with the questionnaire sent to registered attendees via email.
  • Step 3 – On course screening – on arrival at the racecourse, all attendees will need to answer two / three further questions about their current state of health and have their temperature recorded twice. They will also be required to provide appropriate photo ID (Stable Pass, Driving Licence, Passport) as proof of identity. Please have this ready to present on arrival.

Declaration process – trainers and stable employees

As part of the declaration process, trainers and / or their staff must complete the screening process outlined above, together with the additional actions and considerations provided in Section C of the guidelines and operating procedures.

To support trainers and their staff in completing the declaration process, we have produced a short accompanying guide, which outlines the actions that need to be completed and the basic steps to follow when declaring horses in advance of raceday.

This support guide can be viewed here.

Please note, this guide is specific to the declaration process and should be read alongside, not instead of, the full guidelines and operating procedures, where you will find additional information regarding advance preparation required for raceday.

Racecourse attendance – owners

Owners at all levels have shown tremendous loyalty to the sport throughout this immensely challenging period, continuing to support their horses in training and contributing constructively to resumption planning, both individually and via the ROA. We all want to see owners back on the racecourse as soon as possible.

In the early stages of resumption, attendance at the racecourse will be limited to the minimum number of personnel essential to running the race meeting. This is to help ensure that the new and revised procedures for safeguarding everyone’s health and wellbeing, including the pre-entry screening process, social distancing and other infection control measures, operate as smoothly and effectively as possible.

A full list of people permitted to attend race meetings in the initial stages of resumption can be found on page 7 of the guidelines and operating procedures. We will be continually reviewing attendance restrictions, with the aim of gradually easing them to increase the number of attendees, particularly owners, at the earliest appropriate opportunity.

Resumption helpdesk

The BHA has established a dedicated helpdesk to support industry participants prior to and following the resumption of racing.

The helpdesk will assist industry participants with queries about the processes included in the BHA’s COVID-19 guidelines and operation procedures, particularly in relation to the race programme, pre-raceday protocols, raceday operations and medical guidelines and infection control.

The helpdesk will be live from Friday 29 May and staffed from 9am to 5pm every day (including weekends).

Industry participants can contact the helpdesk via:

Note: enquiries about the equine vaccination app should continue to be directed to Weatherbys on +44 (0)1933 440077 or [email protected].