Reasons to work for the BHA

The BHA does not take the success of the sport for granted and knows that the sustainability of the organisation rests on investing in its people. The BHA’s employees –

  • Gain experience of the racing industry
  • Are part of one of the leading sports regulators in the world
  • Have the ability to make a difference to racing
  • Become part of a unique culture with a committed team
  • Join a passionate and supportive workforce
  • Are presented with a fantastic platform to begin a career in racing

 Benefits enjoyed by employees

The BHA is very fortunate to have such hard-working and committed people and in return offers the following benefits to acknowledge employees’ dedication:


Team spirit

It is important at the BHA that team spirit is encouraged and a variety of team opportunities throughout the organisation are available to staff, including:

  • RCA badges
  • Company racedays
  • A netball team
  • A running club
  • Golf team days
  • Christmas party
  • Charity fundraising events
  • BodyWork massages
  • Book club