Aintree revealed as pilot ‘Beacon Racecourse’, Racing’s flagship centre to increase work with the community

24 Mar 15

As part of Racing Together, a project with industry-wide support to create, coordinate and communicate British Racing’s community outreach, Aintree racecourse has today been launched as the pilot ‘Beacon Racecourse’.

As the first ‘Beacon Racecourse’ in the country Aintree will launch a number of projects in the coming year focusing initially on educational activities that will make a difference to local pupils. These will include providing careers training, hands on pony days and work experience opportunities at the course. Each of the projects will be delivered by racecourse staff and others working within racing and are designed to give something back to the local community.

A series of ambassadors for the project, including young jockeys Lucy Alexander and Saul Woods and BHEST’s Carrie Ford, who rode Forest Gunner to win the Aintree Foxhunter’s Chase in 2004, will also participate in a number of the activities and demonstrate the benefit of using the power of racing as an educational tool.

Andrew Tulloch, Clerk of Course and Equine Centre Director, said:

“Aintree racecourse is right in the heart of the community and we are committed to making a positive contribution to the lives of those living close to the course. Through the educational schemes we will be running we are proud to be making a really positive contribution to our neighbours through the wonderful sport of horseracing.”

Ian Barlow, The Racecourse Association and Racing Together Chairman said:

“The beacon racecourse is a key platform to make real the Racing Together project. A big thanks to the Aintree team for being the first to adopt the programme by becoming a hub for engagement with Liverpool’s communities. I am sure that the participating children will learn a great deal about our fantastic sport and the exciting jobs we offer while improving their school learning. I hope some might even be future champions”.

Lucy Alexander, Ambassador for the Racing Together Programme said:

“’I am delighted to be a part of the Beacon Racecourse initiative at Aintree. It is a great platform to demonstrate the vast number of careers available within British Racing whilst also providing local children with an exciting addition to their regular school work. It is important for young people to have their options clearly presented to them, and racing can provide a great career. I look forward to participating in some of the activities later this year!’

See this video highlighting the work of the Beacon Racecourse:

For more information on Racing Together, please contact Paul Swain on [email protected]

For more information on Aintree Racecourse, please contact Grant Rowley on [email protected].


Notes to editors:

1. Constituent organisations of the Beacon Racecourse are: the British Racing Authority (BHA), the Racecourse Association (RCA), Great British Racing (GBR), Aintree Racecourse, BHEST, Northern Racing College, International Racing Bureau.

2. The organisations represented in Racing Together are: BHA, RCA, Arena Racing Company, The Jockey Club, British Racing School, Northern Racing College, BHEST, The Racing Foundation, GBR.

3. Racing Together promotes community work throughout British Racing, centred around four guiding pillars:

  • Helping Others –  Providing a ‘Centre of Excellence’ to support the    aggregate of Racing Together
  • Racing – Looking after the people and horses who are British Racing
  • Education Outreach– Improving education and developing future      champions
  • Local Life – Bringing together communities

As a Beacon Racecourse, Aintree’s Racing Together activities will provide learning opportunities for communities in the Sefton area of Merseyside – the 135th most deprived area in the country of over 32,000 council wards according to Government statistics.

For further information please contact:

John Baker, Regional Director, The Jockey Club (North West) on 07900 244248 email: [email protected]

Alternatively please contact Grant Rowley, Regional Communications Manager, The Jockey Club (North West) on 07884 655990 email:[email protected]