Racing Welfare’s Adam Ferguson becomes British Racing’s first Level 4 Learning Programme Graduate

20 Jul 20

Blog: Racing Welfare’s Adam Ferguson becomes British Racing’s first Level 4 Learning Programme Graduate

Racing Welfare’s Adam Ferguson became the first candidate in British Racing to be successful in gaining a NQF Level 4 Certificate of Achievement earlier this month, the highest level of vocational training on offer within British Racing.

Adam’s choice of Learning Programme was Managing Staff Recruitment, Training and Retention in Horseracing, an area of particular interest for many employers and was supported through several months of study and research by his mentor, Emma Cassidy of the National Horseracing College (NHC).

Earlier this year the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) introduced a suite of eight Level 4 Learning Programmes, aimed at those working in or aspiring to senior roles within the horseracing and thoroughbred breeding industries. These programmes are endorsed externally and validated by 1st4sport to ensure they meet the high standards required to be comparable with other academic qualifications.  They are administered and managed by the NHC and British Racing School (BRS).

Of his achievement Adam said:

“I am delighted to have completed the first Level 4 Learning Programme successfully. This has been an excellent opportunity to develop, to learn and to gain a broader understanding of the industry. Working in racing every day offers a constant stream of growth and development. The opportunities that exist now to document that learning and gain a professional qualification not only will allow a more informed and robust workforce to grow but will enable others like me to feel they have progressed and achieved within the industry. I am sure this higher-level Learning Programme will contribute to racing’s workforce retention efforts by allowing people to channel their academic interests, to achieve tangible, recognised qualifications and to develop their careers”.

Gill Greeves, Vocational Training Manager BHA, said:

“It is both exciting and rewarding to see, after several years in development, the first successful graduate from the horseracing industry’s Level 4 Learning Programme. We congratulate Adam who impressed the assessment panel with the work he put into his portfolio of evidence and quality of his responses in the professional discussion. I hope that his achievement and the ongoing commitment of all those involved in the initiative will pave the way for many more people to engage with and develop through these Learning Programmes. Interested parties should contact the NHC or BRS.”

The subjects included in the suite of Level 4 Learning Programmes are:            

1.      Operating within British Horseracing Regulations

2.      Management of the Education, Training and Development of Young Thoroughbred Horses

3.      Development and Implementation of a Horse Care, Welfare and Stable Management Policy for Thoroughbred Horses

4.      Management of the Purchase and Sale of Thoroughbred Horses

5.      Managing Staff Recruitment, Training and Retention in Horseracing

6.      Training Thoroughbred Horses for Performance

7.      Management of a Thoroughbred Stallion

8.      Management of Thoroughbred Breeding Operations

If you wish to find out more, please contact the NHC or BRS.