Brexit Planning Update

25 Oct 19

***Sent on behalf of the Thoroughbred Industry’s Brexit Steering Group***

Following on from our previous communication regarding Brexit, indications today suggest that the European Commission has agreed in principle to a request from the UK Government for an extension of the Article 50 process.

It is expected that the exact terms of any extension, if granted, will be clarified early next week.

In the event of an extension being granted, this will mean that the UK remains a Member State of the European Union and that existing arrangements will continue until either the next deadline, or earlier if a deal is formally agreed and ratified by Parliament in advance of that date.

Whilst the likelihood of a No Deal Brexit on 31 October has receded significantly as a result of these developments, until any extension is agreed (or a Withdrawal Agreement is ratified by the UK and EU), a 31 October withdrawal remains the legal default.

As such, the Brexit Steering Group therefore advises that participants bear in mind the guidance that is available on the BHA’s website in the event of a No Deal Brexit on that date.

Further communications will be issued in due course as appropriate.


Should you have any further questions regarding how you might be affected by Brexit, or preparations which you should undertake, a dedicated email address has been established. Please send your queries to [email protected].