Does this mean there are many disciplinary cases for feeding herbal supplements?

17 Jul 14

No, the statistics and details of the Disciplinary results show that BHA is clearly not prosecuting every trainer on every raceday for the minute traces of herbs, which may support and maintain normal function, that are found in normal feedstuffs. However it does take action when herbal treatments are administered in direct contravention of BHA rules.

Trainers are reminded of several other key considerations:

i) A Person must not administer a Prohibited Substance to a horse, attempt to do so, allow or cause a Prohibited Substance to be administered to a horse, or connive at the administration of a Prohibited Substance to a horse, with the intention to affect the performance of the horse in a race or with knowledge that its performance in a race could be affected.
ii) The requirement to keep records of medication and this must include herbal treatments.
iii) The need to consider whether a herbal product has been assessed for its safety in horses.
iv) The need to consider whether the use of a herbal product may interact with other medicines being used at the same time.