How are horses identified when entering the racecourse stables?

01 May 14

All horses must be identified by having their microchips scanned and read when entering the stables.

Each horse has its own passport.  Checks are carried out on selected horses to ensure their recorded markings match the chip number recorded on the passport.  All horses having their first run on a racecourse will be checked, as will horses having their first run for a new Trainer.  Equine Influenza vaccination records are also checked to ensure they comply with the requirements set out in the rules.

If a horse’s microchip is unreadable / undetectable then the horse will be identified by the markings in its passport. A notification form will be issued by the Veterinary Officer, for the horse to be re-micro chipped.

On rare occasions a horse will be unable to be identified from its chip or passport. Should this happen, it will be reported to the Raceday Stewards and the horse will be prevented from running.