How does the Judge work with the Photo Finish Operator?

29 Apr 14

The Judge’s Box is located very close to the Photo Finish equipment and both the Judge and the Photo Finish Operator (PFO) ensure that all equipment is set up correctly so that evidence of the result will be accurately recorded, and that the correct ‘Lengths Per Second’ (which is used to calculate the distances between finishers) is in use, depending on the surface or going conditions of the day. The Judge calls for the evidence of a photo-finish from the PFO when the distance between two placed appears to be a head or less. The photo-finish image is not available to the Judge until the last horse has crossed the line and been recorded on the equipment. The Judge directs the PFO to place a time line on the leading part of each horse’s head (excluding the ears and the tongue) so usually on the point of the nose to determine the result.