What does Inside Information mean?

03 Jun 14

Inside information is where people who have close connections with a horse know how likely it is that the horse is going to run in a certain race, and if it does, how well it is likely to run.

It is information that is known by those who work closely with the horse such as an Owner, Trainer, Rider, Stable Employee or their Service Providers. Service providers are people like vets, farriers and feedmen that have provided services to do with the horse.

Inside Information is part of the sport. And everyone in the industry has some form of it. There’s nothing wrong with having Inside Information. You just need to be careful not to misuse it, for example, where the information is passed to others for their use in placing lay bets. It’s common sense. It’s remembering that careless talk and casual chat can get you into trouble.

The information that a service provider may be privy to will only be valid for a period of 21 days or until such times as the information is put into the public domain.