What is the difference between a Stewards Enquiry and a Disciplinary Panel Hearing?

09 Jun 14

A Stewards Enquiry is held as necessary after a race, at the racecourse. It takes place during the intervals between the races and usually does not last longer than the interval allows. It may be re-convened after the next race has taken place but does not last longer than a given race day. A Disciplinary Panel Hearing is held at BHA’s head office in London and can take hours or even days depending on how complicated a matter is and how many people are involved. A Stewards Enquiry will concern incidents that have happened on a racecourse on a raceday, whereas a Disciplinary Panel Hearing could concern any breach of the Rules of Racing. A Disciplinary Panel Hearing will usually come before the Disciplinary Panel after a referral from the Stewards Enquiry, an appeal of the Stewards Enquiry decision, or an investigation has been conducted by the Integrity team.