What is BHA’s relationship with the Gambling Commission like?

03 Jun 14

Close liaison and co-operation between the Gambling Commission and the Integrity Department is important and BHA works closely with the Commission on all aspects of information sharing and integrity in sports betting.

The Commission’s primary purpose is to regulate all forms of gambling in Great Britain. While responsibility for maintaining the integrity of racing will remain with BHA, the Commission will become active where a threat to the integrity of a sport involves betting in Great Britain and particularly when the holder of a licence issued by the Commission may be involved.

Racing’s powers over non-licensed persons are limited. Everyone – whether licensed by BHA or not – needs to be aware of the criminal offence of ‘Cheat’ with possible prosecutions under Section 42 of the Gambling Act. Essentially this means that a person who cheats in betting is liable to prosecution under criminal law. BHA has no power to investigate criminal offences but will continue to regulate our sport under our Rules and refer matters to the Commission and the Police where it is deemed appropriate.