1st4sport appointed as new Awarding Body for Industry Qualifications

14 Oct 2014 Education/Training Grassroots

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has today announced that the awarding body “1st4sport Qualifications” has been appointed as the new official awarding organisation for the Racing and Breeding industries.

The appointment follows a comprehensive BHA-led review of qualification-awarding in the sector. 1st4sport will commence delivering the Racing and Breeding industries’ bespoke programme of over 26 qualifications from 1 December 2014.

The portfolio of vocational qualifications which will be awarded by 1st4sport attract over 3,000 registrations each year. The qualifications are delivered by approved centres – the British Racing School (BRS), Northern Racing College (NRC) and the National Stud – along with 23 external training providers. The qualifications awarded include the Level 3 Work-based Diploma which must be achieved by trainers before being granted a licence.

In addition to matching the existing qualification-awarding arrangements, 1st4sport will provide added value by offering the opportunity to share learning experiences and good practice with over 35 National Governing Bodies of sport currently working with 1st4sport. Added benefits include direct access to a large portfolio of supporting qualifications that will enhance the career prospects of learners in the Racing and Breeding industries, and development and provision of high quality resources and support materials. They will also provide a cost saving for the industry.

The services to be provided by 1st4sport were previously provided by the British Horseracing Education and Standards Trust (BHEST).

Any new organisations looking to offer the industry qualifications should apply to 1st4sport for information on the criteria to become recognised, further information on the offer will appear on the 1st4sport website over the next couple of months.

Paul Bittar, Chief Executive of BHA, said:

“The appointment of 1st4sport represents a progressive step for the industry in the crucial area of education and qualification. We were very impressed not only by their track record in this area but also the extra value they can deliver to the sport in terms of their links to other industries and the potential for further enhancing the careers of those who gain qualifications in Racing and Breeding.

“Both BHA and its industry partners are extremely grateful for the long and successful association with BHEST as an awarding body. We are delighted that BHEST will now be able to renew its focus on its excellent educational and charitable activities based on Racing to School and BHA will fully support this process.”

Tony Dallimore, Education Director for 1st4sport said:

“We are very excited to have been chosen by the Racing industry to provide awarding services to the industry, augmenting our extensive portfolio of sport-related qualifications. We hope that the racing and breeding industry will see the benefits of working with 1st4sport, enabling it to benefit from our extensive experience of working with sporting organisations and managing their individual needs”

Notes to Editors

1. 1st4sport are an awarding body recognised and regulated by the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) and the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). They work in partnership with a variety of organisations to develop and award qualifications for the Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being sector.

More information about 1st4sport: http://www.1st4sportqualifications.com/

2. BHEST were founded in 1993, in line with the government’s requirements, to develop and award nationally recognised qualifications that provide the practical grounding for people to build careers and businesses in British horseracing, from equine care and transport to thoroughbred breeding and farriery.

They also run British horseracing’s free education programme, Racing to School. The programme enriches the National Curriculum with hands-on learning at racecourses across the country and introduces new audiences to the sport and associated career opportunities. BHEST will now focus on the delivery and expansion of this initiative.

More information about BHEST: http://www.bhest.co.uk/