26 Jan 2001 Pre-2014 Releases

BHB today announced that prize money hit a new record high in 2000 with total prize money of £71,690,306, an increase of 3.80% on the 1999 figure of £69,062,983. Of particular note is the Racecourse Executive/Sponsorship contribution, which constitutes a large increase of 10.05% over 1999 figures.

A comparison of the prize money figures for 2000 with 1999 reveals the following highlights:

– Total prize money increased by £2,627,323 (3.80%)

– The combined Racecourse Executive and Sponsorship contributions increased by £2,439,123 (10.05%)

– Owners’ contribution to prize money decreased by £613,857 (5.26%)

– Payments from the BHB Divided Race Fund increased by £20,850 (3.36%)

The figures show the continued improvement that the self-help measures have had on the finances of British Racing, albeit without making significant inroads into the disparity between prize money in this country and our
evident competitors. However, the significant increase in Executive/Sponsorship contributions in 2000 is very helpful, as is the reduction in owners’ entry costs which follows BHB’s decision to reduce permitted payment

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