27 Jul 2000 Pre-2014 Releases

“In line with their policy of maintaining a sound balance in the overall Fixture List, taking account of the interests of all involved, BHB has approved the 2001 Fixture List which is attached. Among the main points are:

i) 1212 Fixtures in 2001

The published Fixture List for 2001 contains 1212 fixtures, an increase of three on the 2000 figure of 1209. These three extra fixtures have been granted as self funded fixtures to meet specific race planning needs. They are:

Tuesday 4th September, Mussleburgh
Monday 10th September, Nottingham
Tuesday 18th September, Chepstow

ii) Ratio of Flat:National Hunt Fixtures

The split of fixtures is as follows:

551 Flat Turf Fixtures
136 Flat AWT Fixtures
525 National Hunt Fixtures

The 525 National Hunt Fixtures complies exactly with BHB’s policy of maintaining Jumping at least at 1998 levels when the number was 525.

iii) Sunday Racing

A total of 61 Sunday fixtures on 20 Sunday dates including a continuous programme of 14 consecutive Sundays spanning 3rd June to 2nd September. It will be noted that Brighton once again will stage a self funded Sunday fixture on 30th September in advance of the Labour Party Conference which once again is scheduled to be held in Brighton.

iv) Evening Racing

A full programme of evening racing comprising 162 fixtures on 77 evenings including six Saturday evenings during the summer period on 12th, 19th, and 26th May, 30th June, 18th and 25th August and the maintenance of 16 Saturday evening floodlit fixtures outside the summer.

v) Criteria Breaks

The 2001 Fixture List contains 10 criteria breaks compared with 4 in 2000. This is due, in the main, to the re-establishment of a normal calendar framework. Year 2000 is exceptional because of an extremely late Easter. This compacted the programme beyond Easter squeezing some fixtures out of their traditional slots. They will generally revert to these slots in 2001.

vi) Shergar Cup Day (Ascot, Saturday 11th August)

Following a request from the Ascot Authority, BHB has allocated a self funded fixture for the specific use of this event. As a result, Ascot can transfer its currently funded fixture on the scheduled date for the Shergar Cup into another slot in the calendar. The Ascot Authority has yet to indicate whether or not they wish to make such a move for 2001.
For further information contact Paul Greeves, Racing Director,
on 0207 343 3306