Adam Brickell confirms details of BHA’s Integrity Review

24 Jun 2015 Integrity
  • Review of the BHA’s policies and processes, and Integrity Department’s structure
  • Goal is to ensure British Racing continues as world leader in the field of Integrity, and to ensure the confidence of the sport’s participants and customers
  • Extensive consultation to take place within British Racing and beyond

Adam Brickell, Director of Integrity, Legal and Risk for the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has today officially launched a Review of the BHA’s Integrity provision.

The Review will consider the BHA’s policies and processes in this sphere, and its Integrity department’s structure. It has the objectives of establishing how the BHA will continue to develop a modern and contemporary approach to integrity; improve efficiency, consistency, and communication; demonstrate greater openness; and show that it is fair, accountable and in tune with its participants.

Key elements which will be covered by the Review include the timeliness of investigations, case management and processing of applications; communication; participant engagement and education; internal processes and performance monitoring; and technological threats and opportunities.

The longer term goals for off the back of the Review are that it confirms its status as world leaders in this area and ensures it is robustly addressing current and future threats to the integrity of the sport, and making effective efforts to deter, disrupt, and investigate corrupt activity.

Adam Brickell said:

“It has been widely recognised for a number of years that the BHA Integrity Unit is a model for others to follow, particularly in the areas of intelligence management and betting and race monitoring. The BHA is one of the few organisations internationally – including sports’ governing bodies, regulators and law enforcement – with the willingness and ability to investigate and prosecute betting-related corruption, and one of the very few with a track record of bringing corruption cases to successful prosecutions.

“However, it is important that we always seek to improve, particularly in response to legitimate stakeholder concerns. It is crucial that the BHA Integrity Department has the confidence and support of the industry in relation to the way it operates, and that there is trust that we are doing all that we should to police the sport appropriately.

“We decided earlier this year that we wanted to undertake a review, with the timing intended to coincide with the arrival of Sir Paul Stephenson to our Board. Over recent years, the BHA team has sought to improve its processes and ensure it is continuing to do all it can to address current and future threats to the integrity of our sport. Whilst progress has been made, I am determined to make further improvements. We now have an opportunity where this Review can provide a platform to help achieve that.”

The methodology of the Review will focus extensively on consultation. This will include British Racing’s principal stakeholders, participants and media alongside other racing jurisdictions, other sports, the betting industry and law enforcement. It will also draw on previous Integrity Reviews – both from within horseracing and other sports – recent integrity cases and the work of the Integrity and Regulation pillar of the Strategy for Growth.

Adam Brickell added:

“I am very much looking forward to spending time meeting with, and listening to the views of, the various organisations and individuals whose opinions will form an integral part of the Review. I would also like to take this opportunity to ensure there is a better understanding of what the Integrity Department does for the sport on a day to day basis, and of the challenges it faces.  Indeed, this process has already started with input from some stakeholders already having been received.

“It is essential that this Review serves to build the trust between the sport’s participants and the wider public on the one hand, and the BHA’s Integrity Department on the other. As such we intend this process to be as open and collaborative as possible, and we will be rolling out a plan of wider consultation in due course. This will include seeking the guidance of stakeholder bodies as to the people they believe should contribute to the Review.

“We would also encourage anyone within the sport who has views on this issue to put them forward, via their respective representative bodies. This includes the views of the betting public, who will be represented by the new Horseracing Bettors Forum.”

The Review will coincide with Sir Paul Stephenson taking up his role as Independent Regulatory Director on 1 July. Sir Paul, who has over 35 years of police experience – including as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service – will act as a consultant and project sponsor.

It is envisaged that the Review will be completed before the end of 2015.

Notes to editors:

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3. The last full Review of the BHA’s Integrity Services was carried out by Dame Elizabeth Neville in 2007/2008:

4. Photo of Adam Brickell, Director of Integrity, Legal and Risk for the BHA:

Adam Brickell, Director of Integrity, Legal and Risk for the BHA.