13 Feb 2003 Pre-2014 Releases

After representation by the National Trainers Federation, the BH?_x0019_s Race Planning Committee has agreed to alter the method of publication of official ratings in order to allow ratings to apply one day earlier for qualification purposes for entries in handicaps and other rating related races.

Currently ratings are published in The Racing Calendar on Thursday and apply for qualification purposes for races closing on that day through to the following Wednesday. However, the ratings are available on the BHB/Weatherbys Racing Administration Internet site on Tuesday afternoon for information.

Thus it has been agreed that the official mode of publication will be altered from the Racing Calendar to the BHB/Weatherbys Racing Administration Internet site, a move which will allow ratings to apply for qualification purposes one day earlier, for races closing on Wednesdays.

74% of trainers currently have access to the Internet site and numbers are increasing. The ratings are also available in the Racing Post Weekender, published on Wednesdays.

The alteration will come into effect for races closing on or after Wednesday, March 19th i.e. racing of Monday March 24th onwards.

For further information, contact: Stuart Middleton, 0207 343 3315