30 Apr 2002 Pre-2014 Releases

Ashgar (usa) – Plumpton, 30th March 2002

Published: 30 April 2002

The Jockey Club can confirm that its Security Department is conducting an investigation into the result of a sample taken from Ashgar (USA) at Plumpton on Saturday 30th March which showed traces of ACP. However, contrary to previous instances when traces of ACP have been identified, no evidence has emerged to date to suggest an attempt was made to fix the result of the race for monetary gain. The investigation is continuing.

Every sample taken from a horse is divided into two, an ‘A’ and a ‘B’ sample. So far only the ‘A’ sample from Ashgar (USA) has been tested. The ‘B’ sample has been sent to another recognised laboratory for confirmatory analysis.

April 30th 2002

1. The last time a horse tested positive in Britain for ACP was five years ago in 1997 when two cases were subject to investigation. On both occasions a combination of irregular betting patterns and intelligence strongly indicated attempts to fix the result of the race in question for monetary gain.

2. ACP stands for acetylpromazine, which is the most widely and regularly used sedative for horses in this country.