BHA confirms race times alteration for Stratford’s fixture on Sunday 17 July due to high temperatures

14 Jul 2022 BHA Features Racing/Fixtures

The BHA and Stratford Racecourse have today confirmed Sunday’s seven-race Jumps fixture at Stratford will be staged earlier in the day due to the forecast high temperatures, with the order of the races also altered.With particularly high temperatures forecast for later in the day, racing will now begin at 12.00 and conclude at 3.05, having been scheduled to begin at 1.57 and conclude at 5.23. The order of the races has also been adjusted to allow those over the furthest distances to be staged first.The meetings scheduled for Newton Abbot and Redcar on Sunday will go ahead as planned, with temperatures in both areas not forecast to reach as high as they are in Stratford.BHA Veterinary Officer Sally Taylor said:

“Whilst we are confident that it is safe to race in higher temperatures, we want to ensure that conditions are as comfortable as possible for our horses and people. We have therefore taken proactive steps towards changing the race day with that in mind. “Having considered the local weather forecasts and other significant temperature factors for other courses due to race over the coming days, we do not feel that similar adjustments will be necessary everywhere. “However, all the usual hot weather provisions will be in place at all courses, with sufficient cooling facilities and regular monitoring throughout the day to help ensure the safety of our equine and human participants.”The BHA continues to monitor forecasts for the following days and further updates will be issued as necessary in due course.Notes to editors:1. For further information please contact the BHA Racing Department on 0207 152 0050 or via [email protected]2. More information about racing in warm weather can be found under the ‘Racing in hot weather’ tab here.