17 Feb 2009 Pre-2014 Releases

Speaking in response to a press report on the Bookmakers’ Committee submitting an offer for a three-year Levy deal, British Horseracing Authority Chairman Paul Roy said:

“If some kind of formal proposal for the future has been put together by Betting, it has not been put to Racing. Nor have I received anything at all on this as a member of the Levy Board.

“Betting knows the detail that has to be addressed for the next Levy and beyond. It was a condition of the agreement last year that all of this will be addressed in 2009. The discussions actually started almost a year ago, and have been ongoing since then. No-one should underestimate the detail – from the Fixture List, to machines and exchange betting, as well as overseas racing – that has to be addressed. Only then will we get the relationship between Racing and Betting into the right place. We will of course look at any proper, considered proposal from Betting which addresses all of the issues and give it our fullest consideration.”