18 Apr 2013 Pre-2014 Releases

Following consultation with the Professional Jockeys Association (PJA), the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has made an amendment to the procedure by which suspensions are imposed as a result of riders being referred to the Disciplinary Panel for multiple breaches of the whip Rules. This amendment comes into effect for the first time today as part of the suspension incurred by Jimmy Quinn.

The amendment is that a portion (one third) of any suspension incurred by jockeys in whip offence referrals may now be deferred for a period of between 42 days and 4 months, at the discretion of the Disciplinary Panel. This brings it in to line with the ‘totting up’ procedure for other riding offences.

Any further suspensions for breaches of Schedule (B)6 Part 2 incurred within this period of deferment will result in the deferred portion of the suspension being served. However, if no further suspensions are incurred then the deferred part of the suspension need not be served.

Jamie Stier, Director of Raceday Operations and Regulation for the BHA, said:

“The facility to defer extended suspensions already exists as part of the ‘totting up’ process, and after discussions with the PJA it was decided that this should be extended to suspensions incurred for whip offences.

“Deferring suspensions has two benefits. Firstly it ensures that fair and proportionate penalties continue to be issued, but it also serves as an incentive for riders who have been consistently breaching the Rules to ride within the standards set by the Rules, and those who show that they can amend their riding style will be rewarded.

“However, the fact that part of the suspensions for whip referrals can now be deferred does not alter the fact that those riders who breach the Rules on a regular basis will still find themselves rightly facing lengthy suspensions”.