06 Mar 2001 Pre-2014 Releases

BHB and Jockey Club Meet With Senior Nfu Officials

Published: 6 March 2001

Peter Savill, Chairman of BHB, and other officials of the BHB and Jockey Club today met with Richard Macdonald (Director General) and Martin Haworth (Director of Policy) of the National Farmers Union.

The meeting took place in light of the appeal by the NFU for racing not to resume tomorrow (7th March 2001) at Lingfield.

Peter Savill said today “Although the NFU were disappointed that racing was going ahead, they stressed their appreciation for the considerable efforts racing is making to ensure that everyone going racing, must undertake stringent disinfection measures both on arrival and on leaving the racecourse.

“We also confirmed that, despite the MAFF Risk Analysis stating that racing in an infected area would be acceptable, no meetings in Infected Areas will take place.

“The BHB and Jockey Club have assured the NFU that we will be keeping the situation under constant review. We have also invited them to approach us with any further precautions they would like us to consider as part of our Instructions and Guidelines”.


Editor’s Note: Please see or or for further information on the Instructions and Guidelines now imposed on racecourses, and for a copy of the MAFF Risk Assessment.

For further information please contact:

John Maxse, Jockey Club 0207 343 3219 or 07785 243232