18 May 1999 Pre-2014 Releases

The British Horseracing Board has commissioned consultants Michael Humphreys & Partners (MH&P) to review the BHB’s current marketing plan and recommend a marketing strategy for the future which will enable racing to compete in the increasingly competitive sports and leisure markets.
MH&P are specialists in the field who have previously provided marketing advice to a range of sporting bodies, including the Rugby Football Union, the World Snooker Association and the Amateur Swimming Association. The company also masterminded the launch of the World Cup for the England and Wales Cricket Board and has acted as media relations advisor to the Rugby Football League.
MH&P’s report, to be completed by late summer, will strengthen the BHB’s contribution to the work of the Levy Board Working Group on the marketing of racing, under the chairmanship of John Robb, which is due to report in September.
BHB Chairman, Peter Savill, said: “”Marketing will be a key factor in determining the future success of British racing. We need to look at the product we are offering and consider how we can make the sport more appealing to a wider public. MH&P are experts in this field and we look forward to their report.””
MH&P Chairman, Michael Humphreys, said: “”Naturally we are delighted to be involved in developing a marketing plan for British racing at such an exciting time. We are well aware of the challenges facing the industry and look forward to proposing ideas which will help put racing at the forefront of British sport.””