01 Jul 2002 Pre-2014 Releases

BHB Secretary-General, Tristram Ricketts, responding to comments by the RCA Chief Executive in toda?_x0019_s Racing Post, said:

“It is very frustrating that, after months of discussion within the Structure Review Group and the Board, the RCA should only now come up with a number of detailed comments on documents which they have had for two months.

“The changes to the Company’s Memorandum, which appear to be the RCA’s main concern, have only one purpose: to make the general powers which the BHB already has, namely to undertake all such responsibilities and activities as may be necessary or convenient to maintain and improve the financial position of horseracing, more explicit. If there are objections to this it can only be because the intentions of the BHB Board, which unanimously approved the new provisions, are being misconstrued.

“BHB continues to take the view that there is no reason to further delay the reconstitution of the BHB Board as unanimously recommended by the Directors and subsequently approved by the three other shareholders, in the interests of providing improved corporate governance of the industry in the new commercial environment. We all hope that common sense will prevail tomorrow and that racecourses will support the changes now, so that we can all get on with the crucial job which the industry set BHB up to do: governing Racing in the best interests of all stakeholders and continuing to improve its financial position”.