20 Nov 2002 Pre-2014 Releases

BHB Communications Manager Alan Delmonte said today:†_x001C_The Board, having agreed the terms of its draft non-betting licence some months ago, endorsed this policy at its meeting on 12th November. On this basis, we are holding discussions with newspapers. This was always the intention before the policy was finally concluded, as the new arrangements are not due to take effect until next year.

“We had intended that these discussions should be held on a confidential basis and in a discreet manner and it is extremely unfortunate that the issues involved should have been publicised in the way that they have been. This is making rational discussion difficult.

“It is much more productive to engage in sensible and measured consideration of the issues than to act against the interests of readers who value racecards highly. It goes without saying that we want to have a healthy relationship with newspapers but this isn’t being helped by the reaction to what BHB has circulated simply as a basis for positive, two-way discussion.”