14 Dec 2001 Pre-2014 Releases

BHB Communications Manager Alan Delmonte said today:

“There are so many inaccuracies and misrepresentations in Warwick Bartlett’s statement today that it is difficult to know where to start.

“He says that he has not spoken to or read of anyone who has signed a BHB licence. The fact is that BHB is receiving an ever-increasing number of signed licences, including from Mr Bartlett’s own members.

“Furthermore, BHB has taken a substantial number of calls this week from bookmakers who have told us that they will sign a licence before the end of the year to qualify for a BHB concessionary offer.

“Over recent weeks bookmakers have contacted BHB and a number have intimated that they have not only been confused by what their own industry has been saying, but that they have been given the clear impression that they should not sign.

“BHB has appointed an agency very recently to contact every bookmaker in the country – not, as Mr Bartlett claims, just BBOA members. Bookmakers, all of whom are Racing’s customers, are being given a fair analysis of the situation, something which their trade associations have singularly failed to do, and it is being stressed to them that BHB’s concessionary offers will expire on 31st December.

“The brief which BHB has given to the agency is unequivocal. It has not been stated that without a licence a bookmaker cannot take bets on any sport but that a BHB licence is required in order to take bets legally on British racing where BHB’s data from 59 courses and pictures from 49 courses is concerned.

“It is also wrong to say that Peter Savill has alleged collusion between the Tote and bookmakers – this is not what his letter to the Racing Post said. It is pointless to try to personalise the issue against the BHB Chairman when the BHB Board as a whole is fully supportive of BHB’s policy.”