13 Jul 1999 Pre-2014 Releases

The British Horseracing Board has unanimously agreed a package of measures designed to ensure that a detailed Fixture List for 2000 is produced for approval and publication by the Board on schedule next month in accordance with the overall policy already agreed.
At its monthly meeting today, the Board agreed:

* To allocate three evening fixtures on Saturday 19th August next year, instead of Saturday 29th April. The switch of one Saturday evening from April to August will initially be for one year only.

* To continue to press the case for full Levy Board funding of the Appearance Money Scheme for 2000 to apply to every Sunday meeting at a rate of £200 per runner.

* To request the Levy Board to use its fund for Special Incentive payments to the full, and to use any balance left after making the customary payments for moves to levy-friendly slots to support the marketing by racecourses of fixtures transferred from Saturday evenings.

* From the BHB marketing budget for 2000, to make marketing payments available to racecourses of £3,000 for each Saturday evening fixture in 1999 which will not be staged on a Saturday evening in 2000. The amount of the payments will be net of any Levy Board contribution (see above) and net of any BHB contribution towards the marketing of new Sunday fixtures on the same racecourses where these fixtures are transferred from Saturday evenings.
The payments will be subject to the racecourses concerned accepting that the payments do not constitute “”compensation”” for any alleged financial loss caused by the transfer of Saturday evening fixtures and set no precedent in respect of future fixture movements.

* To keep the reinstatement of Saturday evening fixtures under annual review, with those racecourses which have been required to transfer such fixtures being given first refusal on reinstatement.
The Chairman of the RCA agreed to seek to ensure that:

* Racecourses do not take legal proceedings in respect of the BHB’s compilation of the Fixture List for 2000

* Racecourses agree to remove conditions attaching to fixture applications for 2000

* All racecourses co-operate fully with the BHB in drawing up a Fixture List for 2000 on the basis of the fixture policy unanimously approved by the BHB and in line with the principles of the funding arrangements agreed by the Levy Board.

BHB Chief Executive, Tristram Ricketts, said: “”Substantial progress was made today in resolving outstanding issues in relation to the Fixture List for 2000. The moves we are announcing are in line with the fixture list policy already agreed by the Board and within the overall funding levels approved by the Levy Board. The way is now clear for us to complete the process on schedule and for the Board to approve the final fixture list at its meeting on 9th August.””
RCA Chairman, Angus Crichton-Miller, said: “”The meeting was constructive. Although there is still some way to go to resolve the many fixture changes required, I am now confident that a sensible fixture list will be published on time.””