20 May 2011 Pre-2014 Releases

Chris Brand, Acting Chief Executive of the BHA, said:

“Protecting the integrity of racing is a key priority for the Authority. In recent years we have invested heavily into a wide ranging infrastructure of investigatory services designed to monitor and combat integrity threats to our sport. British Racing is rightly recognised worldwide for its expertise in this area and the high standards we set for both ourselves and those participating.

“Racegoers and punters should be reassured that the overwhelming majority of races are free of suspicion and we are committed to deterring and detecting wrong-doing and taking action when we believe there is evidence of it.

“We will continue to look to the support of Government and other agencies in ensuring an effective regulatory regime and the provision of dedicated resources to assist in this area. Recent events demonstrate this is a growing concern many sports share.

“The charges issued by the Authority today are the result of a lengthy, detailed and complex investigation, following suspicious betting activity on more than one betting exchange and with traditional bookmakers.

“It is of course of utmost importance that those charged are given a fair hearing and the opportunity to defend themselves and we will therefore make no further comment on the details of this case at this stage.”