15 Oct 2009 Pre-2014 Releases

Thursday 15th October, for immediate release

Paul Struthers, Media Relations Manager for the British Horseracing Authority, said:

“We have worked very closely with the team at Wetherby throughout the summer. As well as numerous visits to the course by our Racecourse Inspectorate, we asked them to produce a week-by-week plan of the proposed work to be carried out on the racing surface during the off-season. This plan was validated by an independent, professional agronomist and passed to both the National Trainers Federation and Professional Jockeys Association for their input.

“Wetherby had received positive reports about the ground ahead of the meeting and we are not aware of any complaints made about the ground on the day.

“It is always desperately sad when a horse has to be put down as a result of injuries sustained during racing. In circumstances such as these it is our policy to undertake a thorough review and look into all of the circumstances – the course, the horses, the injuries and any other relevant information – in an attempt to establish whether or not there are common factors involved.

“We have already requested reports from our Racecourse Inspectorate, Veterinary team and Stewards, who were all in attendance yesterday. We will await receipt of the reports and our other findings and will then liaise closely with the racecourse, trainers, jockeys and the RSPCA.”

For further information please contact Paul Struthers, Media Relations Manager, on 020 7152 0166 or 07966 590105